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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


New “Clean Power PA” Coalition Representing 82% of Pennsylvanians Who Support Strong Clean Power Plan

Launches Campaign With Online Video and Five-Figure Ad Buy


30-Second Video Reflects Support for Plan Among Businesses, Religious, Parents, People of Color and

Environmental Groups for Climate Action



Harrisburg, PA (July 8, 2015)- A new “Clean Power PA” coalition is announcing its launch today with a 30-second video demonstrating the diversity of Pennsylvanians who support a groundbreaking federal plan to set the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants, the largest contributor to climate change.


The Environmental Protection Agency is just weeks from finalizing its Clean Power Plan, which sets targets for each state to reduce that carbon pollution. Pennsylvania is on track to cut carbon pollution 32 percent in the next 15 years.


The Clean Power PA’s video highlights a recent Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) bipartisan poll showing that 82 percent of Pennsylvanians support the state stepping forward, once the EPA’s standards are finalized, and developing a strong plan to reduce carbon pollution and increase the use of clean energy. An even greater percentage (97 percent) support efforts to increase the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, according to the poll. The poll also shows that clean energy opponents represent a minority of Pennsylvanians (less than 20 percent) who wish to maintain the dirty energy status quo.


Maurice Peaker, a solar installer and Director of Sales for Solar States in Philadelphia, who appears in the coalition’s video, said he supports the Clean Power Plan because it means more jobs. “Renewables are one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy and a key to Pennsylvania meeting its target,” Peaker said.


Filmed on location in Pennsylvania, the video also highlights the voices of business owners, parents, environmental and civil rights advocates and the health and religious communities in Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Swarthmore, New Freedom and other parts of the state.  


“Climate change is not just an environmental issue, but a health issue as well, and something that every Pennsylvanian should be concerned about,” said Nicole LaMaina, a Philadelphia-based nurse. “People’s health is harmed every day from breathing in polluted air, even if they don’t realize it. The Clean Power Plan means that people, particularly the children and the elderly, will breathe a little easier.”


“As an owner of a solar energy company, I see every day the positive impact that renewable energy has on our society,” said Michael Matotek, co-owner of Swarthmore-based Open Sky Energy. Added Joe Coyle, Open Sky Energy co-owner: “But more needs to be done to support its growth in the Commonwealth. Right now we are the only Pennsylvania-based solar firm. The Clean Power Plan is a way to make sure that growth happens.”


Christine Dolle, Moms Clean Air Force member, and her 4-year old twins Lucy and Leo, said she participated in the video because she’s concerned about their future. “I’m very concerned about my kids’ future,” Dolle said. “The time to act on air pollution and climate change is now. One day my kids will ask what we did to ensure a clean future for them and their kids. I can tell them we made sure Pennsylvania created a strong Clean Power Plan to reduce the primary cause of climate change—air pollution.”


The coalition launched a five-figure online ad buy to promote viewing of the video on its website. There, visitors to the coalition’s site can sign a petition asking Governor Tom Wolf to:


“support a strong plan to reduce carbon pollution in Pennsylvania that increases renewable energy and energy efficiency, protects the health of Pennsylvania's citizens, and brings clean energy jobs to our state.”


The full petition can be found at:!get-involved/c19rm.


For more information about the coalition and the benefits of the Clean Power Plan to Pennsylvania, go to:


To arrange interviews, please contact: Tanara Bowie, 703-302-8383,






Clean Power PA is a coalition of clean energy, business, faith and community leaders across Pennsylvania.





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