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STATEMENT: Clean Power PA Coalition on Attorney General Josh Shapiro's Remarks about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiate (RGGI)

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HARRISBURG – (October 27, 2021) – The Clean Power PA Coalition issued the following statement on Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s remarks on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):


“Attorney General Shapiro has said that, as governor, he wants to make sure that the state’s energy strategy passes the test of taking real action on climate change, creating jobs, and ensuring reliable, affordable, and clean power.  


“When he reviews the facts about RGGI that have been presented through nearly two years of the PA rulemaking process - and the evidence borne out in 11 neighboring states since RGGI was implemented in 2009 - he will see that RGGI clearly passes that test. It will tackle climate change by cutting carbon pollution by as much as 227 million tons. It will create nearly 30,000 jobs and boost the state’s economy by $2 billion.  It will do so while keeping power reliable and affordable: electricity prices dropped by 5.7% in RGGI states at the same time prices went up in the rest of the country.  


“For those reasons, Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support steps like RGGI to confront the climate challenge while creating jobs. We are confident that Attorney General Shapiro reaches the same conclusion if he becomes our next governor.”



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