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Climate change is here and it’s impacting the lives of Pennsylvanians. We’ve weathered flooding and extreme storms causing hundred of millions of dollars in damage. Our farmers face new challenges, from droughts and unexpected freezes to new pests that threaten crop yields. Our health is at risk as rising temperatures reduce the quality of our air.


In 2013, President Obama announced a plan to combat climate change in the United States. A central component of the plan is reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, beginning with carbon dioxide. With the goal of reducing emissions 32% below 2005 levels by 2030, the EPA wrote the first-ever rule to limit carbon pollution from power plants. It is known as the Clean Power Plan.


To help you further understand the Clean Power Plan and what it means for Pennsylvania, we have compiled reports and studies, position letters, and fact sheets.


Fact Sheets and Reports

Position Letters

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