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STATEMENT: Clean Power PA Coalition Criticizes State Senate Vote to Obstruct Wolf Administration’s Actions to Limit Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

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HARRISBURG – (October 27, 2021) – In response to the state Senate’s disapproval vote (S.C.R.R.R. 1) of plan for Pennsylvania to join to Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the Clean Power PA Coalition issued the following statement:


“Today, the state Senate voted, against the will of their constituents and the health and economic well-being of Pennsylvania families, to disapprove of the Wolf Administration rulemaking to join Pennsylvania to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). 


“RGGI is a bipartisan, multi-state market that creates financial incentives for power plants to cut their carbon pollution while supplying member states with proceeds that can be reinvested in job-creating, clean energy projects, and other climate-change-mitigation efforts. However, the vote today will not stop this vital step toward a stronger and healthier Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf has already promised to veto the final bill if it reaches his desk, paving the way for Pennsylvania to participate in RGGI in 2022. 


“The move by legislators to move a bill to block a common-sense program that will cut air pollution from power plants and generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year that can be used to boost the state’s economic recovery runs counter to the desires of Pennsylvania voters and is an affront to their constituents.


“Through RGGI, the state would generate funds that could be used to create jobs by investing in clean energy, help workers and communities affected by the ongoing and inevitable transition in our energy markets, and assist low-income energy consumers.  


“RGGI has succeeded in the 10 states it has been operating: saving lives, creating jobs, and producing billions of dollars in benefits to those state’s economies. 


“At a time when Pennsylvania needs to move forward to build a stronger and more resilient economy, today’s vote is an example of legislators embracing a status quo that has damaged our health and eroded many of our communities. 


“Pennsylvania will be joining to RGGI in 2022, and the question is whether legislators will be part of the solution, or impediments to progress.”



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